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Pagrati - Athens

Design Driven - Athens BlueBuilding

Design Driven

Welcome to Athens Blue Building, where luxury meets contemporary & bold design in the perfect fusion. Our apartments have been created with the highest standards of comfort, while maintaining their distinctive, urban industrial style. Minimal décor, fully functional spaces, high quality materials and supreme aesthetics all combined, in a location with its own, distinct identity and special vibe to explore.

Breakfast in your Room - Athens BlueBuilding

Breakfast in your Room

Enjoy breakfast any time of day, at your own pace. We have hand-picked for you a wide selection of local products, so that you are free to prepare a hearty breakfast, exactly the way you like it. Sip on freshly brewed coffee or tea and try out thyme honey, jams, seasonal fruits and literally whatever your heart desires. In the privacy of your own apartment, we wish you “Kalimera – Good Morning” all day long!

Private Parking - Athens BlueBuilding

Private Parking

Although Pagrati is indeed a charming neighborhood, at times it can turn into a nightmare, when it comes to parking. However, we provide private parking for our guests just a minute away (220m) from the property. At the privileged price of 6€ per day (provided you book direct with us), private parking is ensured for your vehicle. Enjoy the city without having to worry about parking anymore!
Experiences - Athens BlueBuilding
Experience Athens through our wide selection of activities and events. Whether in the privacy of your own apartment or joining a group, you are welcome to select the experiences that appeal to you the most. Taste local delicacies and the world famous wine, mingle with the Athenians and shop around, discover the cultural gems of the city or ask for any tailor-made experience.