The neighbourhood

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Athens Blue Building takes pride in being located on one of the most historic neighborhoods of the city. Pagrati is a place of joy and uniqueness, where travellers are most welcome to mingle with the locals and experience life as an Athenian. It is a busy neighborhood, always filled with laughter and a distinctive vibe that will captivate your heart at first sight!

Pagrati is wonderfully located just a few steps from the historic center of Athens, within walking distance from the Acropolis. The most iconic attraction dates back to the 6th century BC and is Panathenaic Stadium, or else known as Kallimarmaro. The latter reveals its uniqueness, as it is the only stadium made entirely out of marble. This stadium has been associated with the First Modern Olympic Games, as well as several other athletic and cultural events in Athens.

The city oozes with artistic style and so it is only fitting that it is home to the newly-established Goulandris Museum of Contemporary Art. Housed in a neoclassical mansion from the 1920s, this is an amazing place to admire artworks from Pablo Picasso, Auguste Renoir, Henri Matisse, El Greco and of course Nikos Hadjikyriakos-Ghikas, Konstantinos Parthenis and many more. And for alternative routes, there are several other art galleries and seasonal cultural events held in the area.

When it comes to culinary wonders, Pagrati fills all the blanks and provides a cornucopia of choices. From upscale Michelin-awarded venues to the humble yet authentic traditional recipes of Greek cuisine and the most exciting street food, you will be mesmerized by the food here! Enjoy the genuine taste of Greek souvlaki, choriatiki salad with fresh veggies topped with extra virgin olive oil, oregano and feta cheese or experiment with different flavors every single time.

And as for cafés, bars and the vibrant nightlife, there are hidden gems all around you. Try Proskopon Square and Varnava Square, the two hottest spots where the city never sleeps. Sip on refreshing cocktails or accompany meze (small plates bursting with flavors, meant to be shared – zucchini fritters, roasted cheese, tzatziki dip and much more to choose from) along with ouzo and tsipouro spirits, listen to music and dance the night away till the morning sun comes up and unveils yet another thrilling day.

Pagrati, a neighborhood where antitheses are combined in the most glorious fusion and the outcome is purely extraordinary. Experience its character, live like a local and fall in love with its special pace, in a journey of the senses…Welcome!